Carpet Cleaning Poway


Reliable Carpet Care provides a strong set of customizable janitorial services. Our staff is well-trained and certified for all type of janitorial cleaning. Reliable Carpet Care professionals use the best and latest cleaning products and equipment to ensure deep clean. Reliable Carpet Care is a local company providing the best carpet cleaning in Poway, ca. We are one of the leading providers of carpet cleaning in Poway, ca. We have years of experience in carpet cleaning and work only with the goal of customer satisfaction.
When it comes to carpet cleaning Poway, ca people only prefer our experts. The reason is our professionals work closely with the clients to provide customized services and focus more on their specific needs. Moreover, they are fast and friendly that’s the reason residents admire our carpet cleaning in Poway, ca. Reliable Carpet Care has a specially trained team for each of the specific services. Our teams can manage carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, pet odor removal, and carpet repair and stretch.

Why Choose us?

Reliable Carpet Care is a client-oriented janitorial company. Reliable Carpet Care staff strives to deliver the best cleaning service to ensure comfortable and clean surrounding for both commercials as well as residential. Our goal is to meet client expectations with our art of cleaning.

Here are the reasons you should go with us:

  • Experienced staff with the latest tools, equipment, and products.
  • Specially trained teams for a specific area of cleaning
  • Eco-friendly products, so you and you're loved one are safe.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction.
  • Fast and friendly staff.
  • Flexible timing for your cleaning requirements.

Here are snippets of our services provided by Reliable Carpet Care:

Carpet cleaning

When you are planning to invest in something which can give comfort in your home, the first thing comes into mind is carpeting. What can be more luxurious and warm under your feet than carpets? Carpet adds a lot of beauty and pleasure to your home. To maintain its comfort and coziness, it is vital to have a professional carpet cleaning service. A professional carpet cleaning can maintain its original beauty. So when you are looking for carpet cleaning in Poway, ca, no one better than Reliable Carpet Care.

Upholstery Cleaning

Reliable Carpet Care is widely regarded as the most advanced and thorough upholstery cleaning service provider anywhere in the Poway and nearby areas. With years of knowledge, experience in upholstery cleaning, we provide the best techniques. Due to this, we have made many happy customers and have become the leaders in innovative upholstery cleaning and restoration of fabrics. The furnishing in your home or office represents a significant investment and regular professional upholstery cleaning can help to protect that investment.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Are you wondering “how to clean tile and grout”? Or you are looking for a solution to deal with the tile that needs restoration because they’ve gotten dirty or broken? We can help! Trust Reliable professionals with tile and grout cleaning. The secret behind great looking tiles is great looking grout. As we all know grouts are porous and, as a result, they can easily absorb grease, dirt, and limescale. Our tile and grout restoration team has years of experience and uses the best tools and products to rejuvenate your tile and grouts.

Pet Urine Treatment

There are many people who love to raise a pet and they think a house cannot be a home without a pet in it. They are good companions but they bring lots of responsibility when they are brought at home. In fact, homeowners need to face lots of challenges like to keep their dwelling fresh, clean and hygienic. If you are living a busy life, nothing to worry call Reliable Carpet Care, we can deal with every issue related to pet odor and stain. We have a specialized team for pet urine treatment. They are specially trained to make your home hygienic and fresh.

Carpet Repair and Re-Stretching

Tired of buckles or wrinkles on the carpet, we understand they look very unattractive, but more importantly, they can be risky for everyone in the house or office. Carpet repair and re-stretching by Reliable Carpet Care is an excellent option to completely replacing your carpet. This method can easily remove buckles or wrinkles from your carpet, saving you the cost of new carpet installation. Reliable Carpet Care uses a combination of tools; power stretcher, knee kicker and knee-less kicker to re-stretch your carpets and smooth out wrinkles and buckles.

If you are looking for a janitorial cleaner with good knowledge and experience, no one better than Reliable Carpet Care. Hire us and experience the best quality of cleaning. Call us @ (619) 862-7842