Carpet Repair


Do You Have A Damaged, Smelly Or Stained Carpet?

Before you spend over hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on replacement of your carpet, call Reliable Carpet Care. We believe in doing the work in a unique way using the standard methods than the other carpet cleaning companies. We specialize in all type of carpet repair services. Additionally, we also provide restretching of the carpet.

Residential Carpet Repair

Carpet faces a lot of foot traffic on the daily basis such as people walking on, children dancing and playing on. Having such traffic on the carpet is quite obvious the carpet will have stains and spills. Carpet bares lots of beatings! By toddlers, pets. Most of the carpet repair is required due to pet damage.
Urine stains and odors and clawed and chewed carpets are our number one biggest issues for what we get a call from our customers. Your pet is part of the family. Pets are adorable so we get it. Other common issue includes re-stretching as well as fixing of stains, burns, and water damage.

Reliable Carpet Care has years of experience in carpet repairing and re-stretching. Our professionals have years of experience, in fact, we have a special unit who deals with carpet repairing and re-stretching. They have repaired worst carpet and have brought them to new condition.

Our professionals will also provide re-stretching of carpet if your carpet is in need of. You can totally rely on Reliable Carpet Care when it comes to carpet repair and re-stretching.

If you are looking for carpet repair and re-stretching call us on Phone: (619) 862-7842 to grab the best offers.